Venom Muay Thai Training
Focusing on technique and skill development


With Venom Muay Thai Training, you’ll gain strength, discipline, and self-confidence in an environment that respects your limits and encourages progress!

Venom Muay Thai Training Training Programs

Warm Up

Our sessions always begin with a thorough warm-up to prepare your body for action. This usually includes skipping, running and body weight exercise. We believe in preventing injuries and ensuring that you’re ready to give your best effort.

Shadow Boxing

Learn to move gracefully and develop your striking techniques under the watchful eye of experienced trainers.

Bag Work

Hone your power, speed, and precision with bag work sessions. Our coaches are there to provide guidance and corrections.

Pad Work

Work one-on-one with a coach, perfecting your offensive and defensive moves, all while gaining valuable feedback.

Technique & Partner Drills

Sharpen your techniques through drills and partner work. It’s a chance to practice under controlled conditions with fellow students.

Sparring or Conditioning

Choose the path that suits you, whether it’s sparring to test your skills or conditioning for building strength and endurance.

Warm Down & Stretching

After an intense session, we ensure you cool down properly and perform stretching exercises to aid in recovery.

Ice Bath (optional)

For those seeking advanced recovery methods, we offer optional ice baths to rejuvenate your body and reduce muscle soreness. (Please book half day in advance at the office/shop).

Join us for an authentic Muay Thai experience that emphasizes skill development and personal growth. Please note that the focus on the points above may vary depending on the individual goals and preferences of our students.

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